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RC Car Help Videos and Tutorial

Watching our videos can assist you setup and maintain your favorite RC car in top condition.

The videos are meant to help with common trouble shooting and as a basic guideline to enjoy the hobby in a safely and responsible way.

You should always seek help from experienced pilots when starting out on hobby grade remote control


How to Start a Nitro Car

1 - Place the car on a block so that the wheels are able to spin freely off the ground.
2 - With the car turned off, manually open up the carburetor and blow air through the exhaust pipe until you see fuel going through the fuel lines to the motor.
3 - Open up the glow plug then block the exhaust pipe and pull on the pull start until you see fuel spraying out the glow plug hole.
4 - Tighten the glow plug then crack it open about 1/6th of a turn. (this will avoid hydraulic locks in case there is too much fuel inside the engine)
5 - Turn the radio and car on. (You must ALWAYS turn the transmitter ON first)
6 - Open up the throttle trim and place the fully charged glow plug igniter onto the glow plug.
7 - Pull quickly on the pull start until the engine fires being careful not to over extend the length of the pull cord.
8 - Tighten the glow plug and restart the car.
9 - Let the engine warm up for at least 30 seconds before running the car.
10 - Note that new cars require breaking /running in procedure, where the engine is run rich (lots of smoke) through 4-6 tanks of fuel at ¼ to ½ throttle, at this point you are not looking for performance, after running another liter of fuel your RC car will need re tuning and it will be ready for full performance.
Failure to comply or follow these simple steps may result in permanent damage to your RC vehicle and void the warranty.

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